Inject-X group has been working with softwash and high pressure washing since 2009, we decided to start building our own Softwash systems early in 2016 when we felt that existing systems on the market did not hold either quality or design for the high prices we paid for them. Our goal is to build softwash equipment that excels all other brands on the market, a product that is very durable, faster to work with and a product that you do not have to be ashamed of at work at the customers.

We have very knowledgeable staff who work with assembling our equipment where we place very high demands, so that you as a customer get top off the line products. We who founded this company have long experience of the cleaning bussines and know what our customers expect from the equipment and what functions they want.

Our products are not the cheapest on the market, but we can assure you that we have the best quality of our products from the best manufacturers from all corners of the earth.

who wants to work with technology that does not keep up with the times. We have developed Softwash equipment which is top of the line in terms of quality, appearance and durability with technology for the 21st millennium not 80s technology.

Typhoon systems are designed to save time on the work you do daily and thus be able to carry out more job assignments per day and make more money or give you more leisure time, a time & money machine so to speak.

All parts of our equipment are of the highest quality and extremely resistant to chemicals, high pressures and wear, that the design in addition is stylish does not make things worse.

Now it's up to you! "cave man technology or 21st millennium technology" you choose

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